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TEG have over 100 POPAI awards, all stemming back to innovative and functional design.  Our expertise in retail and our strength of in-house prototyping differentiates us in the industry, with a focus on real world tolerances and practicality.  

shopper marketing

Shopper Marketing

We bring 10 years experience working with global shopper marketing teams, and couple this with over 45 years in delivering 'shopper based solutions'. We work with businesses that have established shopper based marketing input, and those that want just a little guidance. We focus on simple health assessments and provide a balanced review that aims at achieving a brilliant in-store experience. <click for more>


Firstly, what is shopper marketing?  The key concepts remain the same, but the details vary significantly across corporate international entities!  Marketers for years have always focussed on the TV / brand marketing and the retail driven in-market messaging was secondary.  So we love the focus on 'shopper marketing', because it brings weight to what we have known for years ' the majority of decisions are made at the point of purchase, by the shopper!'.  You may be more familiar with an older term, 'impulse marketing', which always targeted the shopper, but with marketing teams thinking about their audience from a customer to shopper perspective, the messages are adjusted for maximum impact.


TEG can help you develop world class shopper marketing capability assessing:


  • shopper insights - we will assess your insight inventory and help keep it focussed

  • shopper segmentation - defining segments that define your target consumers

  • shopper appeal - workshops to identify ways to better appeal to your target shopper through all areas

  • retailer collaboration - workshop your retailer awareness and collaboration efforts

  • in-store experience - product experience, every place, price of attention and promotional experience

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digital solutions

TEG are experts in digital retail solutions, with over 5 years experience in both Australia and New Zealand. Some key clients include Myer, KFC Bendon, Price Attack, Coca-Cola, Philips and LG. From simple menu boards to complex touch screens, we have the expertise in both hardware and software to guide you through this retail explosion. <click for more>


We differ from most, as we help you determine a cost effective strategy to execute your digital in retail and provide you with considered options for hardware, software, connectivity, content & management.


The following services are available:


  • digital retail strategy review

  • digital solution architecture design

  • solution guidance, hardware and software options matching

  • offshore product design, procurement and distribution

  • store and/or display integration

  • media guidance and content creation

  • network setup, implementation and installation

  • network management


Contact us for a review of your digital strategy, or simply to help understand your options.

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